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If you use Pushpay for Payment and Donor Management then you already have a great amount of data to analyze and develop your Nurture™️ Baselines. We can't give details about our patent-pending process of data extraction, transformation, and unification... but the information below will give you an idea on the types of information we gather and unify on your behalf.

Expanding Pushpay's Functionality with API Integrations

API integrations empower us to expand the functionality of your current software and streamline various processes. Nurture™️ API integrations leverage your existing systems and data to give you insights that empower faster and more effective responses to changing behaviors in your congregation. We ensure that as your church grows your people don't fall through the cracks.

Details About Our Pushpay Integration

Part of the magic of Nurture™️ is that we take data from disparate systems, connect the parameters to identify the user, and unify the data into one Golden Profile giving a 360 view of the user.

For more information about what can can extract from Pushpay visit: Pushpay Docs