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All-in-One System for Church Growth and Engagement

> Connect Your Existing Tools
> Analyze Your Engagement Trends
> See Each Person's Engagement Level
> Take Recommended Steps To Increase Commitment

Nurture Customer Data Platform for Ministries and Churches.

Less Software
More Connection

Be The First To Know When Someone Is Becoming Disengaged...
And Know EXACTLY What To Do About It!!


Unified, Cleaner Data

Truly Know Your People

Our system works with your existing tools to extract detailed behavioral insights and help you engage your audience like never before. Make every person feel known and seen, and surface critical insights that are hiding in your databases.

Unified Profile of Church Congregant
Church Strategy Campaign


Right Message at the Right Time

Keep Their Attention

Create your communications blueprint and bring it to life with Automation! Send the right messages at the right time and keep people connected to your mission 7 days a week. When they begin disengaging, you will be the first to know... not the last!


Audience Segmenting

Personalize People's Experiences

Integrate your existing tools, and connect engagement and content consumption back to the actual user's profile. This allows you to adjust messaging and hyper-segment groups of people to individualize their digital experience! #Game-Changer

Audience Segmenting for Advanced Messaging and Content Selectiveness.
Donor Growth and Development



See Real-Time Results

Start Delivering Incredible Results... Then compare those results with the goals you actually set! It's time to see which actions are moving the needle, and which are wasting time and money.

Advanced API

Seamless Integration

Planning Center Online




Church Community Builder
Resi Video Streaming
Wordpress for Churches
YouTube for Churches
Vimeo for Churches

Strategies, Systems, Insights, Results.

Give Your Team The Clarity They Crave, and Your People The Care They Deserve.

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